Quality Home Inspections  

After 22 years, Quality Home Inspections (QHI) is closing its doors September 1, 2017. John Schiffer and Jennifer Bazett are excited about, transitioning into retirement, a chance to spend more time with their growing family, building an energy efficient home, and exploring the world. They would like to thank their many loyal clients and real estate agents.

With a deep belief in providing Quality Home Inspections, Jennifer and John wanted a next generation home inspector to continue their shared vision of customer care and attention to detail. That is how you have ended up at Haystack Home Inspections.

We welcome the opportunity to provide help with your Vancouver and Lower Mainland inspection needs. Please use the accompanying links to Home Stars and Yelp to read what some of our past clients are saying about their experiences with Haystack Home Inspections. Thanks for dropping by and we hope to see you soon.

Sincerely, Chris Thompson.


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