Electric HWT Components

This image shows just a few of the components we are reviewing during the inspection of your electric hot water tank and supply plumbing.

1) Water main entry

2) Whole house water shut-off valve

3) Cold water distribution pipe to home

4) Combination hot water shut-off and thermal expansion valve

5) The thermal expansion valve is there to protect the plastic supply piping, it opens at 100 psi or 180°F to prevent  damage to the piping and the water would drain out this overflow pipe

6) Cold water lead into water heater

7) Vacuum release valve allows air into the system to prevent damage if there is a situation where negative pressure occurs

8) Pressure relief valve (PRV or T&P) is to prevent an overheating water tank from exploding it opens at 150 psi or 210°F

9) An overflow pipe from the PRV to direct the escaping hot water towards the floor and drain, this pipe should be within 6-12” of the floor

10) Seismic strap to support the heavy tank from toppling in the case of an earthquake

11) Hot water distribution pipe to the home, the first 18” is metal to protect the plastic pipe

12) Armoured cable is required to supply the electricity to the two heating coils in the hot water tank